ENMITY is an "Old School" Thrash Death Metal band with experimented musicians from France, Palestine, Indonesia and Canada.

Demagoguery, our first full-length album has been released on 23 September 2022, 7 songs of Old School Thrash Death Metal will be mixed and mastered by Jean Francois Dagenais (Kataklysm) know for his work with Malevolent Creation, Kataklysm, Misery Index, Hypocrisy, .... We are right nos working on our next EP, 2 unreleased songs for spring 2024, and our second album scheduled for 2025.

Steeve ''ZUUL' Petit - Vocals
David Decobert - Guitars
Mohammed Kutkut - Bass
Michael Perwira - Guitars
Simon McKay - Drums

Sound Engineer: Jean Francois Dagenais

Guest musicians on "DEMAGOGUERY" album:
Max Otero (Mercyless) - Vocals
Karl Sanders (Nile) - Guitars
Dede Aldrian - Guitars
Demian Logan (Warshaped) - Vocals

Steeve "Zuul'' Petit
From France

Steeve is known for being the singer of the band NO-RETURN, which started 1999, then started own band ZUUL FX. Steeve has toured all over Europe and Japan. He has also composed the soundtrack for the French comedy film "Pop Redemption".

David Decobert
From France but live in Indonesia

David is the mastermind of the band and the main composer, he has been a live sound engineer from the end of the 90's till the end of 2006. He was with NILE for six years at the sound mixing board, he also worked with CRYPTOPSY and DYING FETUS. During the break he also worked with The Haunted, Unleashed, Malevolent Creation, Kataklysm, Krisiun, Catastrophic, Marduk, Immortal and many more. He was also musical supervisor, giving sound engineering courses and has recorded a few albums like Infernal Eternal for MARDUK or Filth Catalyst for ARKHON INFAUSTUS.

Mohammed Kutkut
Born in 1983, from Palestine

Mohammed originally from Palestine and now in Jordan. He is a real asset to the band and an excellent arranger, bringing great and innovative ideas in music.

Michael Perwira
Lead guitar
Born in 1984, from Indonesia

Michael is a talanted guitarist from Indonesia, handling lead duties, also playing in the band Trojan.

Simon McKay
From Canada

Simon is best known as the drummer of the internationally renowned metal band The Agonist, which he joined in 2004. Since The Agonist splited up, Simon focus on drum sessions, and has been Inhuman Condition touring drummer in 2023.


Martin Lacroix
From Canada, Quebec

Best known for being Cryptopsy's vocalist from 2001 to 2003, and done vocals on their live album None So Live. Martin was painter and band artwork such as Augury, Gorguts and Cryptopsy, and also worked as a tattoo artist. His death on 12th of January 2024 has been and is still a big pain for us. Rest in Peace Brother.

George Kollias
From Greece

Drummer of Nile and a close friend, we are honored for him to blast the drum kit on the album "DEMAGOGUERY".